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Play #5 Coverage play - Lead official

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This play does not occur in a dual coverage area. As the player drives below the free throw line the play finishes in the lead's primary. The lead should be refereeing the secondary defender in his/her primary and can best see if there is any lateral movement. The trail official should not have a primary whistle on this play. If the lead does not blow the trail should blow a secondary cadence whistle.The center official should not blow unless the lead or trail do not blow. We should not have a triple whistle on an obvious play out of primary.
If the trail does blow he/she should not signal but simply post a fist for the foul and yield to the lead official. Fortunately both officials had the same judgement on the play. If the trail had a blocking foul we would have to report both fouls (double foul) and go to the point of interruption. The ball would go back to the offensive team because the player was in control of the ball when the fouls occurred.


Coverage play - Lead primary

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